Creative Ways to Use Brave Writer’s Arrow & Boomerang Year-Long Programs

Brave Writer Arrow and Boomerang

When you purchase either the Arrow (3rd – 6th grades) or the Boomerang (8th – 10th grades) mechanics and literature guides you are automatically invited to the Brave Writer coaching + training community on Facebook. I give webinars there every other month to members to help you gain confidence and skill.

But what if you aren’t using the year-long program and still want the training?

Our community members have suggested clever ways to take part in the Arrow and Boomerang Facebook group—even if they’re not using all ten issues right now.

Let’s take a look at different scenarios and possibilities!

Situation #1

My kids are at different stages.


Purchase the Arrow and the Boomerang year-long programs (might pair one of them instead with our Quiver of Arrows or Pouch of Boomerangs) and save half the guides for next year.

Situation #2

My child is between levels.


Purchase the Arrow or the Boomerang year-long program closest to your child’s current level then start with appropriate single issues and move into (or feather in) the Arrow or Boomerang titles.

Situation #3

There is no way we’ll get through ten issues in one year. 


Purchase the Arrow or the Boomerang year-long program and use it over two years (five guides a year instead of ten). Take advantage of the training now and extend the learning possibilities with deeper dives into fewer guides.

So join the nearly 1000 families who are in our Facebook group! Watch the training videos, read the helpful discussion, and apply what you learn to your homeschool lessons.

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