Arrow Book Club: January 2020

Brave Writer Arrow Book Club

Let Brave Writer’s Arrow Book Club selections open worlds for your kids! 

In discussion with their peers, they

  • Create empathy and a broader perspective on a topic
  • Practice composing responses and figuring out their opinion
  • Imbue more sophistication in their writing long term

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January’s Arrow Book Club title (for ages 9-12): PIE by Sarah Weeks. Scholastic Paperbacks Reprint Edition, 2013. 192 pages.

Alice loves her Aunt Polly, and she connects with her beloved aunt through one of Polly’s favorite things: making pies! When her aunt unexpectedly passes away, Alice is left with Aunt Polly’s cat, Lardo, and a mystery! What is the secret to her aunt’s world-famous pie-crust recipe? And why did she leave the recipe to Lardo? Small-town politics, pie-baking contests, and a few red herrings make this a delightful read. With a pie recipe at the beginning of each chapter, you and your kids will be running to the kitchen to make award-winning pies all month long!

Purchase the novel here.

A rich array of experience await! Join the Arrow Book Club and get a free copy of our language arts guide to go with the book.

Arrow Book Club

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