No Two Kids are the Same

No Two Kids are the Same

Dragons, bugs, tanks. Origami, poodles, photosynthesis, endangered species, baking the perfect pie. 

These are just some of the things our Brave Writer students have written about! 

No two kids are the same—with their different

  • interests,
  • quirks,
  • and learning styles.

That’s why so many of us embraced homeschooling in the first place! To let our kids be themselves.

That’s Brave Writer’s mission, too.

We embrace each child as part of our community. We value their quirkiness and individuality and we comment on their writing accordingly. Each student receives feedback tailored to their

  • personality,
  • abilities,
  • and imagination.

Our writing coaches tell me all the time how your kids delight and fascinate them!

The bottom line: our classes are designed not only to instruct, but also celebrate, nurture, love, and lead your fabulous little people.

Thank you for trusting us!

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