Homeschool Alliance: December 2019

Liberation from School

How do homeschool parents:

  • abandon the trappings of school,
  • harness the energy of home and family,
  • and help our children make authentic academic progress? 

Those are questions we love to answer in our coaching community. 

Join us in December in the Homeschool Alliance as we explore The Brave Learner’s unique approach to learning at home:

  • bingo cards,
  • planning from behind,
  • interval training,
  • and more!

Our coaching team will show you how your kids can thrive with routines rather than schedules, and how well kids respond to invitation and inspiration rather than insistence. A marathoner herself, Julie will explain how interval training can build learning stamina in our kids.

But is this really enough? 

We’ll consider concrete ways we can measure academic progress even as the role of inspiration-led learning grows. Planning from Behind with Narratives and Scatterbooking demonstrates that our children are learning “enough”—and helps us see and celebrate their progress!  

Upcoming WebinarBrave Learner Book Club: Liberation from School, Dec. 11, 2019 @ 7 PM ET

Join us!

The Homeschool Alliance

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