Boomerang Book Club: December 2019

Boomerang Book Club

“It’s a classic.”

I’m guilty of making my kids read something that I hated in school. Sometimes I want them to read something I don’t even want to teach!

Guess what? We’ve got book club instructors who love these books—so you don’t have to!

Gone are assignments of boring comprehension questions. We uncover the rich, juicy morsels in classic novels together with your teens.

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Here’s what we’re reading in December: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Set in Concord, Massachusetts during the Civil War, Little Women was first published in two volumes in 1868 and 1869. The novel follows the lives of Marmee, Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy—the March family! This classic brings to life not only the time period but the tug of war between the expectations of society and being true to yourself—a theme that resonates with readers even today. The Christmas holiday season provides an important setting in the book, and the latest movie adaption will be released in December, so it’s the perfect pick for our December read!

We’ll discuss this classic work of literature with the Brave Writer approach:

  • Freedom to explore ideas in writing
  • Shared discussion with fellow students and an insightful instructor
  • Exploration of literary themes and elements
  • Weekly highlighted posts from the student comments

By the end of the month, teens gain COMMAND over the literature and write confidently about the work. And you can check it off your list!

Our book clubs are top notch and fill up fast, so sign up early!

Boomerang Book Club

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