Homeschool Alliance: November 2019

Reclaiming Wonder in Your Child's Education

What if we encouraged wonder instead of seeking rigor? How would such a shift lead to a difference in our children’s learning? How could it change our kids’ experience of childhood and their teen years? Can an emphasis on wonder actually prepare homeschooled kids for adult life?

In November in The Homeschool Alliance, we’re thrilled to have Ainsley Arment of Wild + Free with us to share from her new book, Call of the Wild + Free: Reclaiming Wonder in Your Child’s Education.

Ainsley wants parents to value nature, story, play, curiosity and wonder as they homeschool their children, and her book shows us how various approaches to homeschooling incorporate these values.

Ainsley Arment of Wild + Free

Homeschooling parents don’t need to follow a rigid formula of any one way of homeschooling to emphasize wonder. We can craft our family culture so we slow down and make time for childhood that includes play and teen years that respect curiosity.

Let’s consider the art and science behind

  • a pedagogy of play,
  • a curriculum of curiosity,
  • the power of story,
  • the school of nature,
  • and the magic of wonder.

We’ll read about reclaiming wonder, and Ainsley will join us for our webinar 7 pm ET November 14.

The Homeschool Alliance

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