Blog Roundup: October 2019 Edition

Welcome to the latest Brave Writer blog roundup! See how other homeschooling families use Brave Writer products and practice the Brave Writer Lifestyle.

From Brave Writer to Brave Learning – Lynna (Homeschooling without Training Wheels)

“Julie Bogart, founder of Brave Writer and gentle encourager of homeschool moms everywhere, joins us to talk about the journey from Brave Writer to publishing her recently released book The Brave Learner!” Listen to the podcast.

4 Simple Ways to Encourage Your Teen to Write – Kay (Heart-to-Heart Homeschooling)

“More than once I’ve found myself sitting in front of my laptop where that spinning ‘stuck’ icon is in my brain, not the computer screen. (I have a Mac and call it the spinning beach ball of death 🤪) So I get why our teens struggle to write sometimes when we give them an assignment. At times the words just won’t come.” Read more.

Mindfulness for Kids – Marnie (Carrots are Orange)

“Mindfulness for kids is a trendy topic these days but oh so important. The idea that adults can nurture a life skill – like teaching mindfulness – to help kids relax their bodies, to be conscious of their relationship to the world, to breath through painful emotions, to be present, to be emotionally intelligent, in other words, to be mindful, is incredibly powerful.” Read more.

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