Take Your Struggling Child to Lunch

Take Your Struggling Child to Lunch

Plan a “Take Your Struggling Child to Lunch” day. You may have to schedule it for the weekend when the non-homeschooling parent can run herd on the other little rascals.

In any case: identify the child that worries you.

Examples of worry:

  • isn’t reading yet but “should” be
  • likes Minecraft “too” much
  • takes a “really long time” to finish (a math page, breakfast, tie shoes, brushing teeth, handwriting one sentence…)
  • seems sad
  • has “no” obvious passion
  • “hates” (fill in the blank—math, writing, history, a brother or sister, sports, life)

The idea is this: what you see as struggle may be your misunderstanding—you may have the “struggle” right but have missed the interpretation.

Take your child to lunch without agenda. Ask open-ended questions like:

  • “What do you love about Minecraft?”
  • “What’s hard about ____?”

Sprinkle in broad happy questions:

  • “If you could design tomorrow, what would we all be doing?”
  • “What’s one thing I could eliminate from your life right now to make it easier, better, more peaceful, happier?”

You’ll think of others. This lunch is not a “fixer-upper” with loads of suggestions. It’s a moment of connection where your child knows you admire and trust your child.

Keep going til you spark that admiration in yourself (that’s when lunch is finished).

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