Blog Roundup: April 2019 Edition

Brave Writer Blog Roundup

Welcome to the latest Brave Writer blog roundup! See how other homeschooling families use Brave Writer products and practice the Brave Writer Lifestyle.

How to Create Writing Topics That Excite Your Kids Using a Topic Funnel – Dachelle (Hide the Chocolate)

Choosing a writing topic is more than just picking something your child is interested in writing. It involves narrowing the topic to something that your child can handle. Read More

How to Actually Love to Teach Writing – Alicia (Learning Well)

Brave Writer’s writing programs are not based on grade level–not by a long shot. The programs are based on skill level. They meet your child right where they are, developmentally. Read More

How to Bring the Element of Surprise into Your Homeschool – The Brave Homeschooling Mama

Writing Lessons with The Three Little Pigs (Creative Writing for Multiple Ages) – Kay (Heart-to-Heart Homeschooling)

Yes, your students need writing instruction and assignments according to their grade levels, but that doesn’t mean you can’t at least do some activities together. The key: expect students to produce work at the appropriate level for their ages. Read More

What if Elizabeth Bennet Had a Blog? (A Creative Writing & Literature Study for Teens) – Kay (Heart-to-Heart Homeschooling)

Time is limited. So how can a homeschool mom cover all of these different components of language arts study—the essay, literary analysis, and creativity? The answer is simple: combine them. Read More

Brave Writer Partnership Writing Review – April The (Simple Rugged Path)

How to Homeschool in the Midst of Family Hurt – Dachelle (Hide the Chocolate)

Homeschooling thrives when we shift from power over our kids to power with them—building empathetic relationships where the parent and child are partners in learning. Read More

Shakespeare in Spring: The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Shakespeare in Elementary and Middle School – Dachelle (Hide the Chocolate)

Are you a Fen-sucked Dull-Eyed Canker-blossom? Do you know how many sonnets the Bard wrote, or which phrases we use that he coined? Have you any idea what an oxlip looks like? If you’re curious about answering any of these questions, then this Ultimate Guide to Teaching Shakespeare might be for you! Read More

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