Lighten Up Spring with Enchanting Reads!

Arrow and Boomerang Spring Sale

Spring is here! Are your kids itching to get outside to make mud-pies, ride bikes, and catch tadpoles in the local pond? 

The natural cycle of your homeschool may be thrown off course with everything happening in the world, but there are enduring practices that can bring your family together.

Reading aloud is one of those practices. 

This is the perfect time for lighthearted, enchanting reads with your kids. 

In the process of reading together, you can

  • naturally engage your children in learning spelling and grammar,
  • discuss writer’s craft, and
  • connect with your children through a shared reading experience.

We’ve curated a selection of books to pair with our Arrow and Boomerang literature guides that teach mechanics (spelling, grammar, punctuation, and writing craft).

These are perfect titles to read under a shady backyard tree. Practice copywork on clipboards while sprawled on a picnic blanket. Don’t forget the lemonade!

Presenting: Arrows (3rd – 6th grades):

If your mud pie-making babes have grown into mouse-clicking teens, try enticing them to the page with brownies and a Boomerang title!

Presenting: Boomerangs (7th -10th grades):

ON SALE until April 30th!

Living Literature + Writing Mechanics

The Arrow and The Boomerang are our language arts tools (digital guides) that teach

  • grammar,
  • spelling,
  • punctuation,
  • and literary elements

through novels you read aloud! (A la Charlotte Mason)

You’ll have a ready-made month-long language arts program that includes passages for copywork and dictation, as well as detailed notes to help you explain a comma or alliteration!

$7.00 per guide is a STEAL! Snap them up before time runs out.

Don’t forget to grab your guides from the shop!

Have an Enchanting Spring!

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