FREE Webinar: How to be Your Child’s Writing Coach and Ally!

The Writer's Jungle Online Free Webinar

I’ve been listening.

Everyday I get emails and messages on social media that express the same thing: teaching your kids writing is hard on your heart.

I hear that many of you don’t know where to start. Or worse, that your relationship with your children suffers when you try to teach writing.

  • Should you focus on content or spelling?
  • How important is a topic sentence?
  • What about grammar?
  • Why does my child cry when we try to revise the writing to make it better?

I get it! I’ve lived it too.

Writing rescue is ahead! I’d like to introduce you to how we teach you to be an effective writing coach and ally to your children.

FREE Webinar: Be Your Child’s Writing Coach and Ally

In the recorded webinar I walk you through our award-winning online class called The Writer’s Jungle Online to demonstrate to you a new way to bring writing to life in your family.

I also share ideas you can apply right away and help you understand which options in Brave Writer will suit your family best.

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