Online Writing Classes for Teens

Brave Writer Online Writing Classes for Teens

Writing takes on a whole new flavor when our kids reach the teen years. While we’re looking for them to adopt formats and academic language, they still crave risk and adventure in their homeschool! You can’t get an interesting 5-paragraph essay out your kid, but she’ll knock out a fanfiction story in a heartbeat. Or your once reluctant 8 year old writer is only MORE reluctant at 15. This is the common push-pull of writing at this age.

We know this stage can be full of growing pains—but we’ve cracked the code on working with teens!

Instead of sending your young adults off with simply a stack of formats, Brave Writer takes the opposite approach: full engagement with their sometime-brazen opinions, their fun personalities, and the topics that make them passionate and enthralled.

Teens are full of life and are experimenting with developing their own thoughts and opinions about the world. Our writing coaches pull up a kitchen chair and dig in! You’d be surprised how much that reluctant teen will write when an interested adult says “tell me more!”

Brave Writer’s online classes offer the whole spectrum of interest-led to formal writing. All these classes prepare your teen with the writing skills they’ll need in college.

We partner with them in learning how to:

  • Harness their curiosity to ask relevant questions and dive into research
  • Analyze texts to appreciate multiple points of view
  • Take effective notes, gather information
  • Navigate citation rules
  • Gain confidence in writing
  • Honor formats without sacrificing writing voice
  • Develop appreciation for different genres like poetry or essays

This is one of our favorite ages to work with, because everyday is different! Your teen is sure to find something that will resonate with this array of classes:

Classes for high schoolers (13-18):

Advanced Composition
Book Club Boomerang
Brave Writer 201: Kind, Dynamic Revision
College Admissions Essay
Essay Prep: Dynamic Thinking
Essay Prep: Reading the Essay
Essay Prep: Research & Citation
Expository Essay: Exploratory & Persuasive
Expository Essay: Rhetorical Critique & Analysis
Fan Fiction
Journaling Jumpstart
Literary Analysis (Features a different work of literature each time.)
MLA Research Essay
Movie Discussion Club
Passion for Fiction
Penning the Past
Photography and Writing
Powerful Fiction Techniques
The Scoop: The Art of Journalism
Writing the Short Story

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