Online Writing Classes for Middlers

Brave Writer Classes for Middlers

“I didn’t know writing could be this fun.” Elliott, age 12

Sandwiched between early childhood and adolescence, middle schoolers are rapidly changing, exploring, and learning about the world—and how they fit into it. It can be a challenging time.

No worries! Brave Writer’s got you covered!

Our online middle school classes:

  • Introduce students to formatted writing in an open way. They get to pick from a variety of projects types, like a fact book, a narration, or a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Allow your kids to choose topics of interest. This choice sets them up with fuel for writing and a sense of ownership over their work.
  • Keep writing assignments short and manageable. We know growth takes time and happens unevenly. We make sure we’re catching your child’s best moments—no burnout, breakdowns, or boredom!
  • Offer plenty of support! Our writing coaches offer keen interest in every child and will guide them to a finished product. Parents are encouraged to partner with their middle schoolers, because they need you as their writing ally!
  • Cultivate writer’s voice. We don’t squash enthusiasm with clunky formats and mechanics—we teach students how to reveal their quirky minds on the page. That focus is at the heart of all good writing!
  • Get them curious and asking questions to ignite their love for learning. Your middle schooler is wading into the academic world one tide pool at a time. Academia is based on inquiry—and it is FUN!

We’re always thrilled at how much participation and enthusiasm we get from students in our middle school classes. Students who would never raise their hand in a classroom setting will write reams from the comfort of their bedrooms!

Online Writing Classes for Middlers (ages 9-13):

Book Club Arrow
Book Club Pouch
Groovy Grammar Workshop
Journaling Jumpstart
Middle School Writing Projects
Movie Discussion Club
Nature Journaling
Passion for Fiction
Penning the Past
Playing with Poetry: Discovery
Playing with Poetry: Exploration
Shakespeare Family Workshop
Skip into Science
Spinning a Folktale
Brave Writer 101
Writing a Greek Myth
Write for Fun: Dream Big
Write for Fun: Go Wild
Write for Fun: Fly High

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