What Others Say about The Brave Learner

What Others are Saying about The Brave Learner

Wow. I am (happily) overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support each of you has shown me throughout The Brave Learner’s publication!

Thank you for spending your precious time reading the book, posting those gorgeous Instagram photos, sharing salient feedback and, in many cases, using up all your book darts/sticky notes/highlighter ink!

Publishing a book is a vulnerable act, so it’s especially validating to know when my ideas are resonating with you and your families.

Take a peek at what some lovely reviewers had to say about The Brave Learner:

The Brave Learner Changed Our Homeschool – Doodlemom

As I read, I discovered opportunities to use the techniques Julie Bogart discusses with my own teens. I put them into practice over the last weeks and the results are amazing! Read More

Brave Learners – Unto Adoption

“Doesn’t [Julie] just give you the warm fuzzies? She’s like Mary Poppins, Leslie Knope, and Maria von Trapp rolled into one!” Read More

The Brave Learner: A Review – Townsend House

This is an amazing book to have in your homeschooling library – in fact, I would say that it is an amazing parenting book in general.  Read More

Not *Just for Kids* Book Review: The Brave Learner – Picture of a Homeschool

Reading The Brave Learner by Julie Bogart is like sitting with a friend.  You unload all of your worries, hopes and fears.  Julie answers with: I hear you, I’ve been there, and Let’s see what we can brainstorm together.  Read More

The Brave Learner Companion Guide

The Brave Learner Companion Guide (FREE!)

How to Really Help a Child with Learning Differences: The Brave Learner – Not the Former Things

This book is a comprehensive discussion of how we help our kiddos learn, gain confidence and build relationships along the way. Julie has a way of being incredibly inspirational and super practical, all at the same time. Her book is essentially 14 chapters of encouragement and real-life ideas for learning. Read More

The Brave Learner by Julie Bogart – Homeschooling Large Family Style

I took what feels right for my individual family and left behind the parts that do not fit us in this season. Different is a beautiful thing! There are many good ways to learn, teach, and grow. Read More

How to Be a Brave Learner – Today’s Catholic Homeschooling

Whether you are a new or veteran homeschooler, you will find something to inspire and challenge you in these pages. Read More

If you’ve written a review of The Brave Learner that you’d like to share, please send a link to help@bravewriter.com.

Thank you for being the best community a Brave gal could ask for!

The Brave Learner

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