The Brave Learner Conference: Academics & Enchanted Learning

The Brave Learner Conference

The Brave Learner Conference

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I introduced the 12 Superpowers of Learning in The Brave Learner. This July we’re diving headfirst into those Superpowers, and trust me—we’re gonna make a SPLASH!

Implementing the 12 Superpowers is a paradigm shift: you literally shift how you think about teaching. When you shift your thinking, then your approach and actions shift, and then the environment of your homeschool begins to branch out in ways you’ll be amazed to see.

The ideas in my book are a compass for your own creativity. And I know you’re doing a bang-up job!

But do you ever wrestle with tying those Superpowers into academic skills?

Are you confident with certain subjects but flabbergasted with others?

Hey, I hear you—I was there! Math and science were super sticky subjects for me to teach.

That’s why a full session of The Brave Learner Conference is dedicated to supplying you with a map and the tools to really tackle the whole Enchanted Landscape of Learning.

Please don’t wait to sign up—I don’t want you to miss this opportunity! We have limited space, and when we sell out, it will be max capacity.

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The Brave Learner Conference

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