Boomerang Book Club: March 2019

Brave Writer Boomerang Book Club

Brave Writer’s Boomerang Book Club is the place to be in March!

Johannah Bogart, Julie’s 28 year old homeschooled daughter, will guide students in provocative discussion of the Boomerang books. These discussions are intended to teach your kids literary analysis without the burden of essay writing. All the Big Juicy Conversations about the books will lead to that special brain development—rhetorical insight—that leads to effective essay writing later.

Plus a FREE digital copy of our language arts guide based on the book selection for the month is provided.

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March’s selection for the Boomerang Book Club (ages 13-18) is Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk.

In Wolf Hollow, a heartwarming and heartbreaking coming of age story, Annabelle finds the courage to stand up to the new girl in town and learns you cannot help everyone, no matter how much you care. Set in rural Pennsylvania during WWII, this is a tale of resilience, strength, and compassion in the face of injustice. Available as an audiobook read by Emily Rankin.

Purchase the novel.

Homeschool students especially need the chance to talk about what they read—yet the busy mother-of-many doesn’t always have time to read those lengthy dense books, let alone discuss them in depth! And that’s where we come in. Teenagers are invited to join our virtual book discussion club, conducted entirely online in the Brave Writer classroom.


Caveat: Please remember that you’re the parent. If you have doubts about the content of a particular book, please check the reviews of the novel or read it for yourself first. Pouch and Boomerang books in particular may include sexuality, graphic language, and mature themes.

Also starting in March are our Arrow and Pouch Book Clubs.

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