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Brave Writer Online Classes

Is there a budding novelist in your home? Then check out Brave Writer’s fiction-writing online classes!

Our experienced writing coaches partner with each student and teach techniques for your young novelist’s fiction-writing toolbox. Students leave class with confidence and a brimming collection of writing skills to turn to for years to come!

The worlds and characters your young writer crafts are important to us. Our coaches build students up and grow skills through questions and enthusiastic responses.

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Fiction Writing Classes

Story Switcheroo (ages 5-8)

Story Switcheroo enrolls you with your child(ren) in this class. In this class, we create a mixed-up land for your kids to explore. Join us on a whimsical journey through the world of fairy tales, in Story Switcheroo!

Telling Tales (ages 7-10)

Stories from around the world await you in this class. Telling Tales enrolls you with your child(ren) in this class. Since the writing activities are flexible and you get to choose your own books, this class a perfect fit for a variety of ages, particularly for those kids in the Jot It Down or Partnership Writing phases.

Just So Stories (ages 9-12)

The Just So Stories course exposes kids to the classic animal tales in Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories. With the support of a writing coach, you and your children will read and enjoy four of the stories together. You’ll learn to identify the literary elements that make these tales so memorable as well as discuss how the stories are crafted. Once your kids have a feel for the structure and delight of these narratives, they’ll be led in a process that enables them to write their own!

Spinning a Folktale (ages 9-14)

Journey with us around the world, exploring cultures through folktales! Anansi, Jack (of the beanstalk variety), and a trickster monkey are some of the characters we’ll meet in this four-week class.

Writing a Greek Myth (ages 9-14)

Are your children fascinated by the Greek gods and goddesses? Have they retold stories of how Jason stole the Golden Fleece, Pandora opened her box, and Perseus defeated Medusa more times than you can count? Kids who love reading myths will enjoy trying their hand at writing an original one of their own!

Passion for Fiction (ages 11-18)

In Passion for Fiction, junior and senior high students will work on the elements of fiction using specific exercises to grow in their craft, for example: setting, character development, dialog, plot, and description.

Writing the Short Story (ages 11-18)

This is the perfect class for the nascent author who longs to finish work and find an audience. Like all Brave Writer classes, this one affirms and supports your child’s emerging writing voice. Due to the amount of writing required, we strongly recommend this class for eager writers ages 11-18 only.

Scriptwriting (ages 13-18)

Our focus in this class is on screenplays, but budding playwrights are welcome to join, too. All will learn the basic elements of scriptwriting and how it differs from writing novels.

Fan Fiction (ages 13-18)

By the end of this class, students will have created a story worthy of publication on one of the several websites devoted to fan fiction, if desired. Great summer class!

Powerful Fiction Techniques (ages 13-18)

Powerful Fiction Techniques is designed for passionate writers. Students who’ve taken Passion for Fiction or who have a work of fiction “in progress” are welcome in this advanced class. It will not work with the current piece of fiction but offers new techniques to apply to that writing so that it grows.

More classes for your whole family

Brave Writer offers a slew of classes for every age bracket. From Write for Fun to SAT/ACT Prep to Skip into Science, we’ve got something for everyone. Take a look at our selection of classes and sign up early to lock in your seats.

Brave Writer Online Classes

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