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The Brave Learner

THE BRAVE LEARNER: Finding Everyday Magic in Homeschool, Learning, and Life is almost here! Are you itching to get a copy in hand & shout its magic from the rooftops?!

Become an exclusive Brave Learner Launch Partner!

Hurry—doors close on January 6th.

Your enthusiasm for my new book is deeply appreciated. Thanks for the link love, sweet messages, and for believing in this book I wrote for you that I can’t wait to share.

We’ve invited Brave Writer’s biggest fans to rally as a Facebook group and help us launch the book (publication day is Feb. 5). Members have been showered with memes to share, a virtual coffee date, prizes, and more. We love our Launch Partners!

The group is a virtual party of cheerleaders dedicated to sharing The Brave Learner philosophy.

You don’t have to be a blogger or entrepreneur to join. Simply being excited about the book and willing to share it with friends of yours is enough.

My not-so-secret mission? To change homeschool culture.

  • I want a homeschool world where parents get to experiment without fear of criticism.
  • I want homeschool parents to feel valued as adults, not just as teachers.
  • I want children to discover their powers of learning anything.
  • I want a culture of support between a variety of methods and philosophies.
  • I want parents to know how to create a healthy home life, not just an academically sound one.
  • In January I’ll share several Facebook Lives–exclusively in the Launch group–to talk about these ideas.

The joining session ends January 6th.

January 7th kicks off a month-long marketing party with our dedicated partners! This includes four weeks of incredible resources, tips, ideas, and fun discussion about how to best spread the word about THE BRAVE LEARNER.

Plus there will be prizes and very special gift for all launch partners.

So…are you in?!

For a limited time only, we’re accepting new members
before the main event in January.

Come on in!

The Brave Learner

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