Pre-Order the Brave Learner for Friends!

The Brave Learner

If you want to give my new book THE BRAVE LEARNER to a friend for the holidays, you can!

Pre-order the book then print this adorable book ornament gift certificate. Your friend will know that your gift is on its way (Feb 5, 2019).

Print it on cardstock to make it stiff or use printer paper and glue it to one of your ornaments, if hanging on a tree. Otherwise pop it in an envelope as a gift + card.

The Brave Learner

Download your FREE Ornament Gift Certificate

Also when you order the book for a friend and provide her email address, we’ll send pre-order gifts to her directly! All you need to do is:

  • enter the receipt number in the form on page
  • make sure you include your friend’s email address and name (not your own)

We’ll send your friend(s) the two FREE gifts (“Hard Cases: Q&A with Julie” PDF available on publication day and an invitation to the “Brave Learner Book Club” Webinar on Feb 7, 2019) on February 5, 2019.

We’re less than 8 weeks out from publication! Thanks for your enthusiasm!

The Brave Learner

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