Six New Brave Writer Classes

6 New Classes

Give your homeschool a lift with these six new classes from Brave Writer.

Pouch Book Club

Due to popular demand, Brave Writer now offers a transition book club between the Arrow and Boomerang. This club is for middle schoolers who want to discuss novels with their peers, who are ready to learn the art of thinking and writing simultaneously all while excited about a great story!

Telling Tales

Stories from around the world await you in this class. Since the writing activities are flexible and you get to choose your own books, this class a perfect fit for any age or stage, particularly for those kids in the Jot It Down or Partnership Writing phases. You, the parent, will partner with your child to explore tall tales, ancient myths, and favorite legends as you uncover the common elements in these classic tales. Children this age benefit from a partner as they engage in original writing. Parents are invited to take over transcription and typing duties as needed and then post the results of all writing activities in the classroom.

Playing with Poetry: Discovery

Your family will not only learn to understand and appreciate poetic forms, but you will also have the satisfying pleasure of writing them. You and your kids will discover a variety of poetic forms and learn the art of poetic language. Brave Writer places a strong emphasis on poetry, particularly in the younger years, because it is such a natural source of language development, literary elements, and rich vocabulary. Plus, poetry is plain fun.

Playing with Poetry: Exploration

This is our new offering that provides a highly-enjoyable writing experience for your whole family. We’ve taken our former Playing with Poetry Workshop and broken it into two four-week classes. More poetry, more fun!


At Brave Writer, we recognize that film is the new literature birthed in the twentieth century. We have the opportunity, being at home, to introduce our children to a feast of ideas shared through movies. Now, your teens have the chance to build on those movie-watching experiences to create scripts of their own.

College Prep: Audiovisual Presentations

In College Prep: Audiovisual Presentations, students will choose their subject and format, learn the principles involved in crafting a compelling presentation, write a script and create an accompanying presentation with graphics. Students will receive feedback and instruction, working directly with the teacher. Access to fellow peers’ work will encourage interaction, support, and growth in critical thinking, revision, and editing skills.

Brave Writer 6 New Classes


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