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Julie Tells All Product Webinar

Julie Tells All!
The Secret to Using Brave Writer Programs
April 20, 2018

Two identical sessions:
11:00 AM and 4:00 PM Eastern

I’d like to invite you to a FREE webinar. Pick the time of day that works best for you.

We keep getting these questions (it’s curriculum shopping season!):

  • How do I use Brave Writer?
  • How can I purchase what I need for a large family?
  • How do your products fit together?

What better way to answer them than to hang out for an hour and cover everything?

In this “tell all,” I’ll show you how Brave Writer transforms your family’s writing experience—covering the requirements, inspiring your learners—through our products and online classes.

We’ll look at:

  • how to teach mechanics AND original writing
  • which products you need for families with lots of kids and ages
  • why Brave Writer works well with any homeschool style
  • what to do about high school writing, too

I’ll take questions, and give you a 9-week writing plan to use right away (free).

An “early-bird catches the worm” discount will be available to all who register for the webinar (even if you watch on replay).

(Psst: free gifts to a few lucky families during the live event; attend live if you can!)

Are you pumped? I am! Can’t wait to help you help yourself into a fabulous writing life with your family.



We can take up to 500 members per identical session.

Excited to share with you!

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