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Does your family struggle with a particular homeschool challenge? Is there one nagging issue that you’d love to address in a new way, yet you feel out of ideas? Know that you’re not alone! Any veteran homeschooler will tell you that bumps, potholes, and even road blocks are natural on the home education journey.

I want to help. Our podcast team is putting together Season 5 and we’re calling it: “Ask Julie!”

In each podcast episode, I’ll interview a BraveSchooler (like you!). I’ll listen to your story and then collaborate with you to create new approaches to tired issues. We’ll explore as many options as are helpful, together.

Then you will take a few months to implement the ideas. We’ll meet back for a follow up interview to see how things went! We’ll share the resulting podcasts in late fall.

Know that your willingness to talk about your personal challenges will help thousands of other families. If this idea sounds good to you, I hope you’ll apply! I can’t wait to talk with you!

How to Apply

SUBMISSION:  Submit your application for the chance to be interviewed by me, Julie, for Season 5 of the Brave Writer Podcast. Please take a little time to whittle your issue down to a concrete description. Then, apply!

DEADLINE: March 14, 2018.

Brave Writer staff will contact you via email by March 31, 2018 if we are interested in inviting you to appear on the podcast.

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