Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!

Happy Birthday Jane Austen SALE
In celebration of Jane Austen’s birthday (December 16th, 1775), the Boomerang based on her novel, Pride and Prejudice, is:

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Born on December 16th, 1775, Jane Austen has become one of the most enduring staples of English literature. Her works have inspired films, books, and flurries of essays and other analysis. But in her own lifetime, Jane Austen published her novels anonymously (some with the famous by line: “By a Lady”) and they brought her little fame or recognition.

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Published in 1813, Pride and Prejudice is arguably Austen’s most famous work and has been adapted (to screen and other mediums) numerous times. A romance novel and a social commentary, it follows its protagonist, Elizabeth Bennet, as she navigates English social restrictions, a complicated family, and of course the seemingly antagonistic attentions of a certain Mr. Darcy.

Austen’s novels are known for their critique of English society and commentary on the difficulties of women being dependent upon making good marriages for financial stability and happiness. Although her heroines live forever in the imaginations of her readership, very little is known of the woman herself. The details of Austen’s life remain murky due in part to family members destroying many of her letters. Only a handful survive to this day, making the interpretation of the life of Jane Austen somewhat difficult.

Most of what remains of Jane Austen is what we find in her novels; a sharp ironic wit, social critique, and unabashed romance for good measure. These qualities and so much more have ensured that Jane Austen’s novels are still avidly read to this day.

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