7-Day Writing Blitz HIGHLIGHTS

Brave Writer 7-Day Writing Blitz Highlights

Brave Writer’s 7-Day Writing Blitz upends the dynamics of writing and invites your kids to play with words in brand new ways!

Thousands of homeschooling families around the world launched their writing programs this year with the free 7- Day Writing Blitz Guide as a launch pad for creativity. These parents led their children into a creative romp with words that culminated in sharing their writing as a gift!

Kids wrote words everywhere! Words were scrawled on mirrors, pavement, fingers, t-shirts, and dishes. Kids wrote with chalk, paint, mustard, markers, and lipstick. Our Brave Writers wrote sitting in trees and blanket forts, cuddled with dogs and even hanging upside down!

You can use the Blitz any time you’d like to bust through boredom and recast the writing experience.

Each day of the blitz entices young writers to throw out their stale habits and embark on a new relationship with words: whether you trade the pencils for glitter pens, scribble on fence posts, or mash up a couple of poems to create a brand-new verse. The sky’s the limit!

Take a look at what thousands of children like yours did in our first blitz! Use the hashtag #bw7dayblitz when you share your children’s writing on social media so we can celebrate with you!

At the end of the 7 days, print certificates for your kids and celebrate! Your writing life is about to change. Can’t wait to see how! Download the 7-Day Writing Blitz Guide now. It’s free—just like writing.

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