Podcast: Writing Outside of the Academic Rubric with Gabrielle and Kim Linnell

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Permit me to gush! Gabrielle Linnell was in my very first Brave Writer class way back in January of 2000. Today, she’s a published author working for the Folger’s Library and student at Oxford! (I like knowing that her very first published work lives in The Writer’s Jungle—page 114). Gabrielle and her mom share about their unique homeschooling relationship—how Kim fanned Gabrielle’s passion into the successful education and career Gabrielle enjoys today.

There’s so much to learn from a team like this and I can’t wait for you to hear them share.

Episode 4: Gabrielle and Kim Linnell

Kim and Gabrielle will help you imagine how you can catalyze the passions your kids have into a robust, enjoyable education. Not only that, if you’ve ever wondered how Brave Writer helps kids grow as writers, you won’t want to miss this episode.

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