Podcast: The Complete Season One

Brave Writer Podcast Season One Recap

Here’s the complete first season of our “A Brave Writer’s Life in Brief” podcast!

We’re pleased as punch to have so many special guests join us, including acclaimed author, Jane Yolen (ep. 19).

In the episodes we discuss writing, home education, parenting, and poetry. Plus the season hosts the popular Natural Stages of Growth in Writing talks: Jot It Down, Partnership Writing, Faltering Ownership, Transition to Ownership (parts one and two), and Eavesdropping on the Great Conversation.

Tune in to the Brave Writer podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher (or your app of choice), and here on the Brave Writer blog. Enjoy!

Season One Podcasts

S1E0: This is a Test: Be Gentle

S1E1: Manage the Damage

S1E2: Jot It Down

S1E3: Partnership Writing

S1E4: Faltering Ownership

S1E5: Transition to Ownership: Part One

S1E6: Transition to Ownership: Part Two

S1E7: The Role of the Brain in Writing with Rita Cevasco

S1E8: Interview with Author Melissa Wiley

S1E9: Eavesdropping on the Great Conversation

S1E10: One Thing Principle

S1E11: Englishes

S1E12: Big Juicy Conversations

S1E13: Homeschool Alumni Tell All: Noah and Johannah Bogart

S1E14: Interview with Poet Marilyn Singer

S1E15: Interview with Poet Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

S1E16: SAT Prep with Brave Writer Coach, Jean Hall

S1E17: Healthy Homeschooling and Happy Marriage with Leslie Gustafson

S1E18: Poetry with Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell

S1E19: Interview with Jane Yolen

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