Happy Birthday, Kate DiCamillo!

Arrow for Tale of Despereaux

Today, March 25, is author Kate DiCamillo’s birthday! In celebration, there is a special deal on The Arrow for her popular novel about an unlikely but lovable hero, The Tale of Despereaux:

HALF PRICE through Sunday, Mar. 27, 2016 at Midnight EDT! ($4.95)

The Tale of Despereaux was inspired by a friend’s son who asked that DiCamillo write a story with an unlikely hero who had “exceptionally large ears.” Thus Despereaux, the misfit mouse with floppy and, indeed, large ears, was born.

Despeareaux is a small mouse, always the one left behind in his family, who resides in a medieval castle. He falls in love with the princess and his adventures begin from there.

By describing a unique and unlikely love and an even unlikelier friendship, DiCamillo creates an entertaining hero that, though unlikely at first, has everyone rallying around him by the end of the novel. How can they not, when he seeks to win the honor of the princess and holds himself to the same standards as the knights of his kingdom? Despereaux’s heart is truly comparable to his big, floppy ears in terms of size.

Fall in love with Despereaux and his story for yourself, and take advantage of The Arrow’s limited-time offer.

If you need a copy of the novel, you can purchase it through Amazon: The Tale of Despereaux (affiliate link).

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