Faltering Ownership Basics

Faltering Ownership

What is the Faltering Ownership stage of writing?

The stop and start stage of writing. Students show bursts of growth, pencil management, keyboarding skills, some spelling triumphs mixed with obvious errors, variable punctuation, moments of brilliance, and paragraphs of insipidity. Pride in successful writing experiences alternate with struggle.

How do I know if my child is in the Faltering Ownership stage?

Your child:

  • tires quickly, but can get some writing to the page without help from the parent.
  • takes pride in his work and wants to improve it or share it.
  • doesn’t retain correct spellings even after “learning” them.
  • needs support, shows some independence, but also resists input from parent-editor.

In other words, one day your child gets a detailed story to paper. The next week, she complains that she hates writing. This is often seen in eleven and twelve year olds but don’t be governed by age range. Focus instead on the description and match it to your individual child.

Faltering Ownership Stage of Writing

I think my child is in the Faltering Ownership stage. Now what?

1) Listen to the Faltering Ownership podcast.

2) See Faltering Ownership in action

Word Tickets
Wild Words

3) Check out how other homeschoolers implement the Brave Writer program

Fifth Grade Creative Writing (Look, We’re Learning)
A Review of Brave Writer’s Faltering Ownership (Life on a Canadian Island)

4) Consider Brave Writer products and online classes for additional help such as our Faltering Ownership Home Study Course:

Faltering_Ownership_Natural_StagesA Year-Long Language Arts Plan!
11-12 year olds (age range is approximate)

Developmentally appropriate projects.
Step-by-step instructions.
A weekly and monthly plan.

The Writer’s Jungle provides you with the essential tools that enable you to be an effective writing coach. Faltering Ownership is the product that gives you a practical routine (think, schedule ala Brave Writer).

Download a FREE sample on our product page.

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