Feeling victory

Feeling victory!

From Brave Writer mom Ali:

I stayed myself as I prepared for battle, the writing battle! I had a plan to break the news of the latest project gently. Taking slow steps, small bits being spoon-fed each day. We wrote similes together, taking turns being the one who gave the starter (the potato chip is) and the one to give the comparison (as crunchy as leaves on a cold, fall hike).

We described the dog together and my daughter’s interactions with him. Then I decided to let her go and I realized that it was only Monday. The first day of our work. No need to hand-hold and spoon-feed, she was off at a full pace. And what she created? Who’s writing is this? I know that this is an original work but, how did you get these ideas? There was only one spelling mistake. There were two similes that were weak, a stretch, but they still fit the “rules.” Where are the editing notes that I need to make. There are none. NONE. We rejoiced and savored the words of her poem. Not wanting to lose our momentum and enthusiasm, we started again with listing similes.

Now it’s Wednesday, we’ve completed the writing assignment for the week and we are both still feeling victory. So much victory in fact, she is writing her second simile poem.

Thank you! Not all of the projects we do are this enjoyable. This one must have spoken to her poetic heart. Maybe it was always there or maybe it was grown and nurtured from our years of poetry tea. Who knows, but it’s there.


P.S. Poem #1 is here for you. The dog’s name is Do-Good so that is the name/word you are reading. She wants to revamp it and “publish” it on Friday. “Mom, can I use nice paper and cursive and pen?” Um….YES!


When I go outside and call, Dogood comes.

I tell him to sit, and when he has sat, his green mirror-like eyes look at me, waiting.

Waiting for me to stroke his drooping leaf-like ears, making him happy by stroking his U-shaped snout,

and stroking his smooth, hair-like fur.

He lifts his padded bump-like foot, waiting for me to shake hands with him.

He is a nice, calm black dog.

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