Poetry Teatime: Relishing beautiful words

Poetry Teatime

This year we will be having our Poetry Teatimes on Thursday afternoons.

During our Poetry Teatimes we enjoy a cup of hot tea (or sometimes hot cocoa) and a special treat as we read poetry together. This is a time that I use to read the poetry from everyone’s Sonlight Core and then I let the kids pick a poem to read aloud. Even Jenny picks out a poem or nursery rhyme and I read it for her.

One really extra special treat we had this week and look forward to enjoying more this year is my husband joining us for tea!

Our Poetry Teatime is a great opportunity to relax a bit, to slow down and enjoy one another’s company, and to relish beautiful words!

I love being able to pass along my love for reading, for words and for poetry. Getting to do just that through a weekly Poetry Teatime is a true blessing in our homeschool!


Enjoy more about Monica’s Poetry Teatime at her blog, Daily Dwelling.

Poetry Teatime

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