“Seeing a spark”

Silly Poem by Erik, Brave Writer student

Dear Julie

My boys were making up silly poems last night when I was putting them to bed so I told them they should write down all their ideas. So today, among many short poems, my son Erik wrote this and then rolled on the floor laughing:

my speling is grate!
‘ain’t gott a misteak!
‘do’nt kare wut u sai,
‘cause me spelin ees great!

I thought you might enjoy that. As silly as that is I do really love seeing a spark in my boys that I haven’t seen in a while. I’m in high demand as an editor now as one boy writes historical fiction set during the French and Indian War and the other writes about a horse that wants to learn to fly from a wise eagle named Dr. Smart.

Your ideas are revolutionizing our homeschool. Thank you.



What a high level of linguistic skill is apparent in this adorable poem! He’s nailing it! This is what leads to powerful writing as he gets older—such facility! Love it! –julie

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