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Brave Writer Quiver Project

Hello Julie,

I am writing to share with you how much we are enjoying A Quiver of Arrows in our home. Your product was released at the perfect time for us: we had been doing poetry teatimes for a while and I wanted to delve deeper into Brave Writer, but my 7.5-year-old son was beyond The Wand and not quite ready for The Arrow.

Now we are about halfway through the nine books in Quiver. I wanted to share the attached work that my son completed during the Charlotte’s Web unit, from the synonym exercise in Week Two. We brainstormed a list of verbs relating to eyesight, and he used the list to compose a brief scene about his recurring superhero character “Fire X” (with accompanying illustration, of course).

We had such fun with this exercise! Your curriculum enabling positive writing experiences for him and giving me the confidence that I can keep this up and nurture his writing voice over time. Thanks again for putting your heart into this work.

Best Regards,

Brave Writer's Quiver of Arrows

Quiver of Arrows

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