Happy Birthday, E.B. White!

charlottes webby Brave Writer intern, Amy Hughes

It’s the birthday of E. B. White! To celebrate, we’re making a special offer! The Quiver Arrow (especially designed for 1st and 2nd graders) for his novel, Charlotte’s Web, is:

HALF PRICE through July 13
at Midnight EDT ($4.95!)


Born July 11, 1899, E.B. White’s best-known novel is Charlotte’s Web, a timeless novel that describes where friendship, death and the enduring power of hope meet.

E.B. White’s prose is concise and descriptive of the beauties of the countryside. In this story of barnyard creatures, Wilbur, a pig, forms a friendship with the spider Charlotte.

Born and bought up on a farm, E. B. White loved animals from an early age. While E. B. White wrote newspaper columns to earn his living, he wrote a number of books about animals, including Stuart Little. Charlotte’s Web was inspired by his own attempt to nurse a sick pig back to life that had initially been destined for the butchery.

Here is a sample from the text to demonstrate the wonderful way in which E. B. White describes the seasons and weather of the country:

The next day was rainy and dark. Rain fell on the roof of the barn and dripped steadily from the eaves. Rain fell in the barnyard and ran in crooked courses down into the lane where thistles and pigweed grew. Rain spattered against Mrs. Zuckerman’s kitchen windows and came gushing out of the downspouts. Rain fell on the backs of the sheep as they grazed in the meadow. When the sheep tired of standing in the rain, they walked slowly up the lane and into the fold.

So take advantage of our special offer today!

Also, if you’d like to buy a copy of the novel, it’s available through Amazon: Charlotte’s Web (affiliate link).

The Arrow is a digital product that features copywork and dictation passages from a specific read aloud novel. A Quiver of Arrows is especially written for a younger set and includes a French-style dictation passage each week.

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