Poetry Teatime: Then and Now!

Poetry Teatime: Then and Now

Julie, I had to share this photo with you [above right] because I love seeing the photo of Anna on your Poetry teatime page complete with Anna painted teapots. She is nine at that teatime and waiting the arrival of her book group, self named by voting, Sunshine Fairy Readers. The girls meet monthly for five years each bringing their own book to share and talk about. Lots of laughing, lots of books, lots of fun.

Here Anna is today at 17 looking forward to re-reading Harry Potter this summer with guitar, french, photography, baking, and working one day a week for cash on her summer agenda.

Looking forward to her senior year of high school homeschooling at the area community college for the experience.

It was so much fun looking through the teatime photos from the past. So may children laughing and growing and just imagine what they are all doing today!! So precious as kids and so awesome as adults.

Also love our two kids in the teatime igloo photo. Match our igloo photo:

Poetry Teatime in an igloo!

To winter 2015:

Poetry Teatime: Then and Now

Thanks for holding our memories.

I can’t imagine the feeling if they ever get married and have kids of their own. I guess the key is to just ….. breathe.

So grateful,

Images by Kay (text added)

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