Cute (and Candid!) Snow Poems

Snow Poems

After listening to poetry nearly every week the last 8 or so months, my kids have really started to take an interest in their own writing.

As winter weather stormed through our area, we declared a day all about snow–including snow poetry. We read snow poetry, then headed outside to play in the snow and generate our own poem ideas.

Both children made several comments we thought would be the perfect start for some poems. They were so proud of their work and became excited at the chance to send it to the person who created Poetry Tea Time.

I’m so grateful we took a trip through the “Jot It Down” stage. Thanks so much for the lifestyle change and fun Brave Writer has brought into our homeschool!


“My Feet are Snot Wet” by Mikaela (age 5)

My feet are snot wet you know
That’s what happens when I play in the snow
My boots and gloves are frosty, iced with cold
If only I could stand this weather better, maybe when I’m old….

I’m tiny and short and when I slip and fall
Cold winter soaks to my fingers each and all
Now my fingers, gloves, boots, and feet are snot wet.
What part of fun snow day, Winter, did you not get?

“Little White Robbers” by Clark (age 8)

Snow is going left, snow is going right
I suspect the snowflakes might steal something tonight.
They’re angry and the black dirt specks look like robber hats.
Angry about gravity pulling them from sky above to ground flat.
There are millions, billions falling more
Preventing us from gathering necessities at the grocery store.
If only summer would rush in quick and soon
Nope, the snow has stolen it. Next they’re after the moon.

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