Challenge for the Week!

Homeschool Challenge

“We’re most happy when we forget the time.” Pico Iyer

Think about your best homeschooling moments. Aren’t they like this? When you become absorbed in the moment and forget what you haven’t gotten to, or what the state standards are, or where you are supposed to be at 2:00 p.m.—aren’t those your best moments?

A challenge for this week:

Allow yourself to become absorbed—once, this week. Allow one experience (of reading or talking or tea timing or crafting or chasing a question through Google or playing soccer in the backyard…) to take over the clock—to induce you to forget the clock. See how that feels and what its contours and properties are.

Then report back either on our facebook page (and the post is pinned to the top) or here on the blog and let us know how it went!

Image by Paul B. (cc cropped, tinted, text added)

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