Freewriting: How it’s done!

FreewritingBrave Writer mom Misty writes:

My 11 yo daughter, Maya, just completed the Friday Freewrite idea on the blog [Explore the same event from two different points of view! Describe a hide and seek game from the perspective of the one who hides then from the one who seeks].

Here is her first draft:

She ran upstairs and tried to hide. She ran into every room, every closet. But it wasn’t good enough, until she found this little crevice in the wall that could hide her.

She counted impatiently with her nose in the corner. She finally got to a hundred. She searched the whole house like the FBI. In the living room. Not there. In the kitchen. Not there. In Mom and Dad’s room. Not there. Well where could she be? Finally she went upstairs and looked in every closet. But in this one particular closet, she walked in, and something tackled her! She screamed, “Mwwaaa!” Wait a minute, that was no monster, that was her friend.


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