Poetry Teatime: A frugal Poetry Tea

A frugal poetry teatime

A dear friend introduced us to Brave Writer and I recently purchased Jot It Down and a few back issues of the Arrow to use in our homeschool learning from the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op.

I am addicted to books and when I was thrift store book shopping (a favorite Sunday activity of mine) and stumbled upon 8 scholastic poetry books in perfect condition I was thrilled! I also love a good deal! Last month on hip2save.com I also saw a post for free tea samples AND a recipe for Nutella crescent rolls. This was more than a sign, so today we had our “frugal” Tuesday Poetry Teatime.

What a treat! I enjoyed my tea samples and the boys enjoyed some warm apple cider. The boys made the Nutella crescent rolls with little help and they were delicious!

My two boys (ages 7 & 5) had a fabulous time and loved using Mom & Dad’s wedding china in our formal dining room. Not only did we enjoy poetry we were able to talk about table manners, family traditions and etiquette.

We are looking forward to trying our first Arrow issue!

Thank you! Saree

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