Poetry Teatime: On a Wednesday or a Friday or a Saturday

Poetry Teatime

These clowns LOVE Poetry Tea Time Tuesdays! Sometimes I’ll come downstairs and they’ve set the table and put the kettle on – on a Wednesday, or a Friday or a Saturday! It is the most consistent homeschool routine we have – we love Tuesdays.

As for our choice of poems we ALWAYS read Shel Silverstein – along with a collection of others old and new – I try to pick some that are fitting to the season or month – as for treats – I used to try and make cookies the day before but found that if that didn’t happen we would miss poetry tea time – so now I just buy a package or two of store bought treats! It is also important that the cream goes in the glass creamer – if I try to just put the carton on the table someone always mentions it! We have a candle that usually sits on our dining room table and the oldest rotate turns lighting it.

I used to stress a bit over tea time – wanting it to be perfect – Julie had posted something about this on her blog once – about keeping it simple – so I took her advice to heart and we now enjoy tea time very regularly – sometimes more than once a week!

Thanks for all you guys do over at Brave Writer! Our family sure appreciates you all.


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