Poetry Teatime: The show must go on!

Poetry Teatime Shawna

Poetry Tea Time Tuesday. There isn’t one place in my house that doesn’t need picked up, scrubbed, or sand blasted, but my baby boy asked if it was Tuesday yet, so the show must go on.

In lieu of Shel Silverstein today, Goodnight Moon is the theme. I’ve had a really crappy past 2 days so I’m going to post some “happy fluff” OK? Plus, you can’t bicker with your siblings if your face is stuffed with Moon Pies, eh?

So, I’m feeding this crew moon things. Mush like in the book (grits), nighty night tea, circle crackers with circle cheese, Oreo Moon Phases, boiled eggs, grapes, marshmallow “moon rocks,” pepperoni slices, and moon pies!

Oh, and there are helium balloons! Yippee.

Next week we’ll be back to tea and toast. Ha!

Much Love, Shawna

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Poetry Teatime

One Response to “Poetry Teatime: The show must go on!”

  1. Those Oreo moon phases are brilliant!!!!