In the Alliance this month: Movies!

HSA Feb_blog

The Homeschool Alliance is in full swing! We’ve got archives of materials all the way back to September. Families in the Alliance are saying that it is transforming how they understand their homeschools. Peace and progress result.

February is going to be especially wonderful! In addition to the reading material (about developing thinkers), I’ll be giving you weekly activities to do with your kids that will help you take the usual subject areas and turn them into vehicles for all that cognitive growth.

We’ll discuss your families and their specific dynamics, too, to help you get beyond the tedium of curricula and the foot-dragging of mid year school work.

In addition, our one-thing practice is all about film! Members will receive (for free!) the Brave Writer Goes to the Movies guide in addition to some guidance and discussion about how film can enhance your home education experience.

I give all kinds of personal feedback too. So if you’re stuck or worried or despairing, I’m there to be your personal coach! Ask any question, and I’ll do my best to get you back to your happy whole self!

All this for under $25.00/mth. Quit any time!

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