Poetry Teatime: Gave it a try

Poetry Teatime Thomas pouring tea

Hi Julie,

After years of homeschooling all three of my children, only my youngest is at home this year. I have been struggling this year to come up with ways to make reading enjoyable for my youngest son, who is a very reluctant reader. I decided to give Teatime Tuesday a try, and although the poetry was Shel Silverstein instead of Shakespeare or Shelley, it was a wonderful experience!

We are already looking forward to next Tuesday. Thank you!


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2 Responses to “Poetry Teatime: Gave it a try”

  1. Michelle L. says:


  2. tamara says:

    We love poetry but only my one boy likes tea! Haha! I could drink it allll day. We are big fans of Shel and right now are reading Don’t Bump the Glump over and over. They have memorized some of the poems for fun!