Poetry Teatime: A new element

Poetry Teatime

This year we added a new element to our plans: Brave Writer! I totally wish Julie would adopt me, and show me her homeschool ways. Fortunately, because she has a writing program, she is a fabulous writer that often shares her wisdom on her blog and via Facebook [and The Homeschool Alliance!].

One of the elements of the Brave Writer Lifestyle is Tuesday Teatime. We didn’t get out our finest china this time, but I may have to dig it out. I already know my boys love being read to. I didn’t know how they would like reading poetry to each other. They both actually had a lot of fun!

Poetry Teatime

I collected some of the poetry books Julie had recommended. The boys really enjoyed these. I hope to collect a few more along the way.

I made Lemon Cream Scones as our snack because what proper tea wouldn’t have a proper scone? These are very simple, but every time I make them someone asks for the recipe. They’re not dense like typical scones, but rather more biscuit-like [see Tara’s recipe!].

Poetry Teatime

My boys love chai lattes. I heated 2 bags of chai in water on the stove, and then added some sugar and soy milk. Yum!


Read more at Tara’s blog, Monarch Room.

Images shared with permission.

Poetry Teatime

4 Responses to “Poetry Teatime: A new element”

  1. Sandi says:

    Tea time and books just naturally go together, don’t they? I admire those of you who can home school. I have friends who did that but I was never able to do it myself although I did keep my youngest home from kindergarten and taught him myself. He was much more prepared for Grade one than my other two who had previously gone to kindergarten. We both really enjoyed our time together.
    Your boys have a very cozy tea to enjoy. Lively colours make it all the more enjoyable. Thanks for sharing and joining me for Tea Time.


  2. Martha says:

    I home schooled for years. Understand the pain and the joy! Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  3. Your scones look wonderful. When my kids were little, home schooling wasn’t out yet but I sure would have done it if I knew about it. Thanks for sharing at Friends Sharing Tea!

  4. Beth L. says:

    Teatime at my house REQUIRES a book…. some poems, a gardening book or a novel, depending on my mood. so happy your boys are learning the joy of tea!