Student Spotlight: Eleanor Nash

Eleanor NashCongrats to Brave Writer Eleanor Nash for being published in The Kansas City Star! She writes:

I took Brave Writer’s High School Writing Project class this spring, and in the class I wrote an essay. I submitted the essay to my city’s newspaper and this Wednesday it was printed.

Thank you for the writing help,

Eleanor Nash


Here’s the opening of Eleanor’s article:

The Internet can bring teens together

By ELEANOR NASH Special to The Star

Scrolling a while back through the comments on BuzzFeed’s “26 Reasons Why 2014 Has Already Been The Worst Year Ever For Teens,” I came across this statement: “Just another list among many of why this generation sucks and will probably be the downfall of the USA.”

Such comments are not unusual. Teenagers are often portrayed in the media as wild, hopeless, dumb, doomed, uncontrollable and overall a disgrace to their elders.

But this attitude is nothing new…

Read the rest here.

Way to go, Eleanor! We’re so proud of you and all our Brave Writer students!

Image @ The Kansas City Star

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  1. Joyfulmomof6 says:

    Congratulations, Eleanor! Well written. Respectful, yet thought provoking.