Student Spotlight: Kaylee

Brave Writer students are so creative!

Here’s a writing project based on a Daily Writing Tip (use specific words in a letter to someone–and it can be fictional). The words were:





Kaylee’s letter:

I regret to inform you parents/guardians of Emma Thomson. Your child Emma is fanciful. She believes in another land or world. When we discussed this with her, she was very emphatic that this is true. I would like to clarify that this kind of imagination, to an extent, is healthy. But she has taken it too far and thus it needs to be purged out of her.

If you are successful in your attempt it will most definitely improve your daughter’s character, and most likely, will not damage her sprightly personality.

-Kaylee (17)

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One Response to “Student Spotlight: Kaylee”

  1. Love it! WE have been doing the daily writing tips (twice a week) and this one will be put on the schedule 🙂 Well done Kaylee!