College Admissions Essay Class

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Wake up the College Admissions Staff with an Awesome Essay!

College Admissions Essay Class

starts on August 25!

Don’t miss your chance to get your teen help!

If you’ve got college-bound high schoolers, it’s high time to work on that Common App or College Admissions Essay in time for early application deadlines.

Homeschoolers set themselves apart regularly through their powerful prose, demonstrating command of language and a wide range of unusual experiences. Grades for homeschoolers mean less to admissions officials. The essay is what gives your teen the chance to showcase homeschool in all its creative diversity!

Yet it can be hard to prioritize the writing of a killer essay when you are up to your elbows in the college hunt.

Are you in the midst of what I like to call “Operation Line-Up-Your-Ducks”? If so, you are visiting schools, taking tests, shopping online for the best popcorn popper, and filling out the Common App. Somewhere near you is a long to-do list. Some of the items on it take hours to complete. One of those items is “write my essay.”

Enter Brave Writer and our College Admissions Essay class, which begins August 25th and ends September 19th, and will send you into the fall with one item gloriously ticked off that list. Join us and create your essay with the enthusiastic support of Nancy Graham (our awesome instructor) and an online classroom of confrères (if you don’t know that word, look it up–your student may find it on the SAT).

Nancy is excited about this class because the college application essay prompts give you an opportunity to review your life up to this point and glean the moments that have made your student unique. Nancy gets to be the witness, goad, and cheerleader. It’ll be like spending an evening around a campfire near the top of a mountain, looking back down into the valley and sharing stories about the journey so far. Tell your teens to bring their laptops, memories, and a few s’mores.

The Essay as Capstone Project

The final results of this essay class will not only be exciting to college admissions officials, but to you, the parent–an amazing capstone project at the end of the wonderful homeschool years.

You’re nearing the end. (Sob!) Let’s celebrate together!

Read more here about how the class is structured.

Tuition: $229.00
4 Weeks: August 25 – September 19, 2014

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