Poetry Teatime: Diamante Poems!

How to Write Diamante Poems

Hi Julie!

We had such fun with our tea time and poetry share today! We have been talking about diamante poems, so the kids shared some of their creations while we enjoyed herbal tea and snacks.

My oldest two wrote synonym poems, using the following format:

Adjective, Adjective
Verb, Verb, Verb
Noun, Noun, Noun, Noun
Verb, Verb, Verb
Adjective, Adjective

Poetry Teatime

The kids started by brainstorming adjectives, nouns and verbs for their poems, which I jotted down for them grouped by word type. Then they went through their lists, chose the words they liked best, and wrote their poems. It was so much fun! Here’s what they came up with:

Minecraft, by Eamonn (9 yrs)

fun, exhilarating
learning, thinking, bonding
mods, stones, houses, blocks
building, exploring, playing
challenging, peaceful

Books, by Fallon (11 yrs)

exciting, hilarious
reading, thinking, imagining
mysteries, fantasy, sci-fi, reference
wishing, laughing, hypothesizing
different, fast-paced

I’ve also included a photo of my four kidlets as they sipped tea while big sis read out some favourite poems.

Thanks for always inspiring us with fun ways to create and explore with words!


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One Response to “Poetry Teatime: Diamante Poems!”

  1. Stephany Safransky says:

    I wanted to post what happened with our Poetry Tuesday’s. Our family is small with only our beautiful daughter and two puppies. Ashley loves having friends join us on Tuesdays. We have invited several friends to join us. One week no friends were able to make it. So in this computer age, we skyped her friend. We had a computer and she had a tea cup, a place setting , and a poetry book. She also gathered her own at her home. We each took turns sharing. It was definitely a first and unique experience. We love this special time!!!!!