Mix it up!

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Bring energy into your homeschool by mixing activities. For instance, along with lunch lay out a new set of pastels or markers and brown paper shopping bags and scissors. Cut them into shapes and color them while eating sandwiches or quesadillas (what we ate every day for years). Maybe make placemats or hats!

Another idea: plant seeds in containers after math pages. Count the seeds you plant, make a note on a card, tape the card to the planter, and then watch to see how many sprouts grow from those seeds. Compare numbers—of seeds, of sprouts.

Instead of reading aloud in the same room as ever, take the book outside with a blanket.

Be unpredictable. Perhaps you show up at breakfast in dress up clothes for the era of history you are about to study. No comments—just carry on as though nothing is different. Let your kids giggle and discover the box of play clothes you have in the other room on their own.

For older kids, you might simply set two new CDs on the kitchen table that are artists they’d like. Then ask them to tell you about the music, the lyrics, watch some Youtube videos.

Change pace, bring new tools, surprise, explore what is important to your kids—bring energy to your homeschool.

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