Fall Class Schedule is up!

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Registration opens on Monday, August 4 at noon EDT!

It is always a wild ride that day so be sure to set your alarms on your phones if you know which classes you want.


And if you are wondering whether or not to take an online class with Brave Writer, my obvious advice is: take one.

Here’s why.

Because they work.

There aren’t any other classes online like them. Our program is workshop style. Your kids (and you!) have frequent opportunities to interact with the instructors and with other writing students. The feedback is supportive—not sugar-coated.

For instance, the feedback isn’t a gentle correction:

A comma goes here. Be sure to remember capitals at the start of sentences (smilie face).

Our feedback helps kids get in touch with how they generate thought, ideas, insight, and details, through friendly thoughtful comments:

You are a miner. What do you mine? Do you sell it at the trade goods market? What is that like? Who is there? How do you advertise your minerals? Carry them? Hawk them? Who buys them? I’ve got a whole market scene in my head, dusty and filled with creatures ala Star Wars on Tatooine. Is this even close?

The feedback engages the writer at the level of the creation of the piece and helps to unlock the mind-life of the young writer—giving the child access to language that lurks inside, unobserved.

The reason our classes feel different from others is because we are about the process of writing, not simply completing assignment after assignment. The student might revise the whole piece or simply sections of it. It might go through several revisions (expanding individual sections at a time).

All the while, the child retains the authority to apply feedback or not according to the writer’s vision.

We also offer classes that help kids play with language and writing, rather than feeling all that pressure to produce academically “sound” essays every time they touch the pen or keyboard. Write for Fun and Fan Fiction give kids entree into a world of writing where not only their imaginations are unleashed, but their best and most sophisticated vocabularies have a chance to unfurl themselves.

Photography and Writing was a HUGE success this year, too, so we are offering it again while there’s lots of sunshine and warm weather for outdoor hikes and photo walks. Photography goes with writing in this digital age. Becoming proficient in photography ought to be a basic requirement of every child’s high school education.

Summer is a great time to try a Brave Writer class—you have the ability to focus on it and your child is not distracted by math. We are also more flexible in summer, accommodating your travels or weekend camping trips.

Sign ups for SUMMER CLASSES are open!

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