You Feel Better When You Get Stuff Done

You Feel Better when You Get Stuff Done

The number one way to improve your homeschool experience is to do it.

Do stuff. Do something every day.

Sometimes your kids will have the best ideas or questions:

  • “Let’s catch tadpoles in the creek!”
  • “I want to write a letter to Aunt Anna in Germany!”
  • “Can we watch Frozen while we eat lunch?”
  • “How much money do I need to save to buy an American Girl doll and how can I get it?”
  • “I want to see the moon through a telescope.”
  • “I can skip count while I jump rope. Wanna see?”

Sometimes you’ll have the best ideas:

  • “Let’s learn measurements by making cupcakes and pies.”
  • “It’s a gorgeous day—let’s take the math books out to a blanket in the backyard.”
  • “I heard the zoo has a discount for kids. Want to go today?”
  • “How about building a fort with these blankets while I read to you from the history book?”
  • “Want to play dress up and act out the Boston Tea Party?”
  • “Let’s call Myra and ask her kids to help us make a Pony Express with bikes.”

Even without inspiration, if you do ONE thing each day, you will make progress and pacify the guilt gremlins.

Here are “ones” that help:

  • Read aloud one chapter.
  • Do one math page.
  • Handwrite one sentence.
  • Paint one picture.
  • Build one Lego set.
  • Eat one healthy meal.
  • Take one neighborhood walk.
  • Identify one bird at the feeder.
  • Make one historical reference.
  • Have one meaningful conversation with one child.

So here’s your chance! Get to it.

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  1. awww it was so nice to read your post, i got so many good home schooling tips, i am homeschooling my two twin daughters. thanks very much for sharing your experiences. 🙂

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